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Current Designs Squall

Make: Current Designs

Model: Squall

Designer: not sure

Length: 16′ 6″

Beam: 22″

Depth: 13″

Style: North American

Form: Fish

Hull: Shallow V

Chine: Soft

Tracking Aid: Rudder Only

Total Storage Volume: 49 gal. (186.2 L)

Maximum Load: 350 lbs.

Cockpit: Touring (1.2 m circumference)

Deck Line: Neo-flect fore & aft

Elastics: Fore & aft

Bulkheads: 2, foam

Hatch Covers: Neoprene w/ cover

Price: $1499

Options: Compass

Comparable Boats: Current Designs Storm (larger)

Things to Hate: Rudder only design

Things to Love:

  •          Quick boat that tracks well even without the rudder.
  •          Plenty of secondary stability.
  •          Locking foot pegs keep the rudder in check


The Squall is great for day trips and can keep a quick pace. For touring, it does quite well when keeping a fast pace, but its storage capacity is somewhat lacking. There is plenty of room for a few days worth of gear, but the long slender bow and stern limit the available space.

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